Chaos Game App

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Chaos Game App

Learn the basics of Chaos Theory

Have you ever wondered why meteorologists can’t accurately predict the weather past three days? Or how one car on the road can suddenly and unpredictably affect thousands of other cars? Or how one investor trading in the stock market can affect millions of other investors? If it’s complex in nature, there’s a high probability that Chaos Theory is at work. Chaos Game App helps you understand what’s really going on when the world around you becomes chaotic and unpredictable.

In 1988, the iterative mathematician, Michael Barnsley, developed algorithms and coined “The Chaos Game," an ingenious technique that reveals this convergence and order in nature. His intent was to show that natural complex systems have an underlying order derived through random events; while at the same time, reveal complexity through basic equations.

Now with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you too can experience what Barnsley and others discovered; and understand, a bit more, about the brilliance and wonder of random order in nature.

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